Warning: if someone is on an "alternate character" pretending to be Shakaya, Gleem, Pyu, Yujimoto, milkypocky, or any other guild member, and then asking you to try on or borrow your wings or other expensive item IT IS NOT US! This is a scammer that has gotten away with many scams this way. Don't fall for it!

Officer Coronation and Guild Meeting

@ Sunday, July 2nd, 2017
@ Emain Castle Throne Room Channel 2
@ 12 pm pacific, 1 pm mountain, 2 pm central, 3 pm eastern

No officers have left us, but we are adding an additional one to our team! You will soon have 5 guild officers to serve you! After we welcome our newest officer we will have a guild meeting!

Summer Swimsuit Party!

@ Saturday, July 29th, 2017

@ Port Cobh Channel 7

@ 6 pm pacific, 7 pm mountain, 8 pm central, 9 pm eastern

Bring wood for fire, summery food to eat, music to play (solos AND jams welcome), and come dressed in a swimsuit or other summery outfit ready to socialize! :D

You may want to support these polls? Or you may not! No pressure!
tho i'd appreciate it if you gave them a look-see

The first three are over on the Nexon forums~
You need to be logged into your forum account (which is linked to your Nexon account) to be able to vote! 

First is a forum with information about THE TARLACH FAIR and what direction it will be taking! Please take a look at it and vote in the poll I have on that forum! Also, please send me a PM if you are interested in joining the Tarlach Fair Staff!

Second is a forum that I made suggesting another expansion for homesteads past level 15:

Third is a suggestion that Yutsuki made to bring back the Guild Title event! We already have a title, but some of our allies don't and I'm sure other guilds would like to make a title too! If you feel like going to vote there it would help those who are in need of a Guild Title:

And this last one is over on the Mabi Beats website that's running a drive to build a New Composer Program~! They are asking for donations, but even if you don't want to donate I think it's at least worth reading the thread because I think it'll be super spiffy cool:

Guild Runs:

Dungeons, Commerce, Quest Help, Daily Shadow Missions, Lords, Elites, stuff like that doesn't have a set schedule. Shakaya and those on the guild council will host some sort of the above guild runs every day! What type of runs we do depends on who is online and who needs help! 

We have a Discord server (separate from the main guild Discord) just for 
GIRGASHIY RAIDS!!! (and Alban Knights Dungeon!)!!!!!

This Girg Discord server is NOT GUILD EXCLUSIVE! BUT to join you need to be friends with a Capulet member AND introduced to Shakaya in-game before being invited to join our raid group's Discord. We are currently working on building a raid schedule that will work for the majority of those that have joined our raiding group! 

*Notice: you have to complete g19: Divine Knights to be able to do Girgashiy Raids

Production Parties EVERY Monday!!!

Every Monday from the moment Shakaya wakes up she will be hosting a production party in channel 7 all day long! Guildies are prioritized when it comes to who gets the spots in the party, but if the number of guildies wanting to work on life skills doesn't fill up the whole party Shaky will post it to the party board for randoms to come join as well!

Capulet Band!

Want to be more involved with Mabi's music system than just playing buffs? Well are you in for a treat then! For our guild has created the CAPULET BAND!!! Every Saturday and Sunday evenings our band meets to share jams, freestyles, and solos with each other! 

Band Meetings' Times and Locations:


Start Time: 7 pm pacific (8 pm mountain, 9 pm central, 10 pm eastern)

Location: Tara Castle Banquet Hall Channel 2

Duration: About 1 hour

Also! Whenever we have a special monthly event (seasonal holiday parties, guild's creation anniversary party, random social gatherings for no good reason, etc.) we always have guildies playing music, and others camp sharing food while we all get fat together! We also do all of the above at the weekly Tara Banquet that is every Saturday! (scroll down to Saturday Evening article to read more about that!)

Sometimes a special monthly event will be a Concert and we'll invite the whole server! But that doesn't happen super often. If you guys start feeling adventurous and want to start preparations for a concert, let Shakaya know! We'll need at least a month's advance notice before the concert airs. And we'll all choose the scores we want to play at the concert together during the rehearsals! The "special monthly" events are posted towards the top of this website. 

While the weekly re-curring events are posted below here with information that never really changes, just for the purpose of having a place for people to remember what's going on without having to look it up on mabi wiki, the special monthly events that are posted before this section do change and are different every single month. Sometimes they're a party for the guild only, and sometimes they're an event or competition that we invite the whole server to! So be sure to read the guild website every month so you can try and get the day off! <3

Friday Nights are our Dungeons and Dragons sessions!

@ Every Friday starting at 5 pm pacific (6 pm mountain, 7 pm central, 8 pm eastern)

@ Ending at 9 pm pacific (10 pm mountain, 11 pm central, 12 am eastern)

(that's 4 hours total)

DnD sessions HAVE NOW RETURNED! We're currently doing a World of Darkness game, and as long as you've joined the guild and are able to commit almost every Friday to the DnD sessions, you're welcome to join our campaign at any time! We've already started our plot, but members joining late are still welcome!

We have a Discord server for our Dungeons and Dragons sessions (one that is separate from the usual guild Discord server). You are not required to voice chat if you want to be mute, you can simply type responses to us in the Discord server, and we'll respond in voice. We have quite a few members that are text only in our Discord so you wouldn't be alone!

*Discord is required to play Dungeons and Dragons with us. 

*We use the roll20 site for dice, everything else is entirely imagination! 

Saturday Evenings/Nights are AMAZING AWESOME PARTY TIMES! 

1. When it's 7 pm pacific (8 pm mountain, 9 pm central, 10 pm eastern) we attend the Tara Banquet in Channel 2. Banquets are a Capulet Band meeting! Bring solos & jams to share! If you're not in the Capulet Band, then come and enjoy the performances and socialize with your fellow guild mates! And if you feel like showing off your Culinary skills, bring some food to share and make us all fat!!! <3

2. When the banquet ends, if any guildies present got a Cooking Contest Entry Ticket during the week, we will move to the server's Cooking Contest in Channel 3 and participate in that!
(if no guildies got a ticket for the cooking contest then we skip this and move to activity #3)

3. When the Cooking Contest is over we will log on Discord to play games together! (You are not required to voice chat if you want to be mute, you can simply type responses to us inside the browser game we play, and we'll respond in voice. We have quite a few members that are text only in our Discord so you wouldn't be alone!) We play browser games like 
board game online, cards against humanity (pretend you're xzzy), town of salem, epic mafia, and etc.

If you don't have the guild Discord server yet just ask Shakaya to generate an invite for you during the Banquet so you can be ready to play with us when it ends! The invite will expire after 24 hours. :o 

Notice: Saturdays are not the only days we play these online browser games together. We may just randomly do them any day of the week because we feel like it! OwO;

Below are a few links to games that we play somewhat frequently. I just have them posted so you can see what they're like before we play them! If there's any other fun game you know of that we can play together, link it to Shakaya so we can start doing it! :D

Get ready for it~!!!!!

Board Game Online: 

Epic Mafia:  

Cards Against Humanity: 

Town of Salem: 

Don't Forget Dragons!

As a guild, we will always attempt at least the Prairie, Desert, and Black Dragon Raids 
every Wednesday (and possibly other dragons each wed. as well depending on what you guys want). Though you're welcome to organize guild runs for these raids on any other day without Shakaya as well! Don't be shy!

Black Dragon: 7 pm pacific, 8 pm mountain, 9 pm central, 10 pm eastern
Desert Dragon: 5 pm pacific, 6 pm mountain, 7 pm central, 8 pm eastern
Prairie Dragon: 3 pm pacific, 4 pm mountain, 5 pm central, 6 pm eastern
Red Dragon: 9 pm pacific, 10 pm mountain, 11 pm central, 12 am eastern
White Dragon: 7:30 pm pacific, 8:30 pm mountain, 9:30 pm central, 10:30 pm eastern

Remember: the dragons may take a while to spawn. It can take them up to a half hour from the posted time to spawn on any channel, and each channel will spawn it randomly in that half hour time slot. 

Some of the dragons overlap and you won't be able to do all of them every single day so make sure to communicate with the guild which ones you want to do for the day!

It's best to start these on Channel 7 and see who all on the server shows up. Usually people will channel hop and alert all that show up to go to the channel with the first dragon spawn, then continue to kill the dragon raids on all channels. If you don't see anyone coming to help in any channel, feel free to PM guildies if you want to do the raid! We won't do them every single day, but Shakaya will try to be at as many as she's able to go to, and you're welcome to ask your fellow guild mates to come help as well! 

Also, if you're running them with the rest of the server's community, please be respectful and use the strategy they ask you to. So if you mess up and they ask you to stop attacking in a certain way, please listen so everyone there can have a good time. 

If you'd rather run with just guildies then find a channel with no one in it when a dragon spawns and PM your guild mates to come join you!

Server Hosted Events

Here is info. on events hosted by the server and the times they spawn at (or the times we choose to attend in the case of fashion/jousting prelims). 

Dan Skill Advancement Tests:  

Exams are available at the Advancement Arena in Emain Macha on the 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, 25th, and 30th of each month in Channel 7 (we will go on all of those dates) and they start at 5pm pacific, 6pm mountain, 7pm central, 8pm eastern. We need at least 3 guildies of the same r1 skill to be able to compete. If Dan testing conflicts with any other re-curring weekly guild event, the Dan test will take priority. 

Emain Macha Cooking Contests: 

Saturdays at Emain Macha Town Square in Channel 3 starting at 8pm pacific,
9pm mountain, 10pm central, 11pm eastern
. (right after the Banquet) You need a Chef Exam Ticket in your inventory to compete, which can only be obtained by doing Shena's part time job (which is only offered once per real-life day and in Channel 3 only on Mon. through Fri. Shena is at the Emain Restaurant.). The first 3 Saturdays of the month are the normal Chef Exam, and the last Saturday of the month is the Montly Cook-Off. You need to place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in the normal Chef Exam to win a Monthly Cook-Off ticket that you need to enter the Monthly Cook-Off. If you're no good at cooking in this game, at least come cheer on those of us who are entering! Play music for us! It's a lot of fun!!!

Jousting Tournament Preliminaries:

Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays at Tara's Jousting Arena in
Channel 7 starting at 7pm pacific, 8pm mountain, 9pm central, 10pm eastern. We're doing Jousting prelims 4 times a week because you only get one chance during the preliminary round to win. And you need to win 2 times in a week to get a Weekly Jousting Tournament Entry Ticket, which is needed to enter the finals. Please come a little bit early so you are signed up for the Preliminary before it starts!
It starts right on the hour!

Jousting Tournament Finals:

Sundays at Tara's Jousting Arena in Channel 2 starting at 7pm pacific, 8pm mountain,
9pm central, 10pm eastern
. Please come a little bit early to ensure that there are no complications about you being entered! You worked hard for your entry pass! Also, we need a minimum of 8 people for the finals tournament to be held! So everyone please work hard to get your prelim pass so we can all enjoy jousting together!!!

Fashion Contest Preliminaries: 

Fridays at Tara's Runway in Channel 7 starting at 8pm pacific, 9pm mountain, 10pm central, 11pm eastern. We keep running the prelims until everyone that shows up has a preliminary pass to use for the Sunday finals! If you win a pass, please rejoin and fail on purpose so others can get passes too! We can all compete in multiple prelim rounds!
We need at least 4 people to show up for the prelims to start~

Fashion Contest Finals: 

Sundays at Tara's Runway in Channel 4 starting at 8pm pacific, 9pm mountain,
10pm central, 11pm eastern
. Please show up a little early! If you get there right on time or a minute late you won't be able to enter. The show starts right on the hour! You have to have gotten a pass from the Preliminary round to enter! We need at least 4 people to show up for the finals to start~

We made the Capulet guild there for you all to join, and we play on East server

Please join the guild Discord server to play this with us! You are welcome to type responses in-game if you wish to be mute, but a lot of us don't want to type while playing an action game so we'll want you to be able to at least hear us speaking!

Guild Artisans

If you want to be added to the list of artisans, just tell me in game and I'll put up your add!

These are guildies that wish to share their skills with the guild~

Contact them if you need crafting assistance.

Those with Rank 1 enchanting will be in bold.

Shakaya - RANK 1 ENCHANT, r1 composing, r8 chef, r1 carpenter, 

                                                   r1 weaving, r1 refining, r1 harvest song

Antoniaa - r1 magic craft, r1 enjineering, r1 weaving, r1 refining, r1 harvest song

Yujimoto - almost all crafts are r1, I need to get his list still, but just ask him

lightwater - royal alchemist, r1 synthesis, r1 fragmentation, r1 mana crystalization

Antrostock - royal alchemist

Suisenseki - RANK 2 ENCHANT, r1 blacksmith, r1 tailor, r1 magic craft

milkypocky - r1 composing

Ariav2 - r1 magic craft

Pyu - r5 chef

Linksman (Lunk) - r1 carpenter, r1 refining, r1 potion making

Mizumie - r1 magic craft, r1 weaving, r1 harvest song, r5 cooking, r1 composing


Click the link below to vote for what time you are on in the Pacific Coast Time Zone 

(of USA/Canada) (game server time). You'll have to do the math on what the time will be for you. The time zones are normally just one hour apart in the USA/Canada like this:

Pacific Coast ->Mountain ->Central ->Eastern Coast. And then Central EU is 9 hours after US Pacific Coast time. If you're from Australia, some other time zone in EU, or some time zone I didn't include, then you'll have to figure it out yourself, sorry. 

Here's the poll:

Guild Council

Gleem - Matriarch

Shakaya - King

Pyu - Queen

Hime017 - Princess

Fabledblade - Prince

Yujimoto / Nataraja - The Danish

milkypocky - Designated Guild Loli

Antrostock - Butler

Ragnaroksas - Choregos

Loreal - The Pontiff

Makar - Laughing Skull

Pippu - The Mochi

Garranaki - Royal Advisor

Raxsus - Guild Composer

lightwater - Slave

Peria Chronicles Town Blueprint Drawing Event!

Draw town layouts for how we want to build Verona and send your drawings to Shakaya either through skype or send them to her email, [email protected]

Don't worry about what is actually possible, because we'll most likely have to make changes to the winning layout anyways to make it adaptable to the game, so just have fun and be creative with the town! The only limitation you have is that it has to be a sky island! Our Kingdom of Verona will be on floating Islands in the sky! 

Once the release date of Peria Chronicles NA is out we'll begin voting on which city layout everyone wants to use! Then once the game is out Shakaya will lead us all through building the Kingdom that you all voted on! 

Project NT? (Peria Chronicles Online)

Nexon is developing a new game overseas called Project NT (Peria Chronicles Online). I'm really excited to play this and plan on making a branch of our guild in it. As you can see, at the top of the site there is a page called Peria's Corner, which is a page that will be devoted to all our information about our actions inside Peria Chronicles.

Unlike our guild in Mabinogi, our Peria branch will not focus on social events and gathering. We will be more focused on creating our own town of Verona, and protecting it from griefers. The way the game looks, it seems to be a mix of pokemon and minecraft but with adorable anime graphics. Hopefully there will be in-game systems to prevent trolls from destroying things, but we'll never know until we try the game. 

Because our guild functions will be extremely different than our life in Mabinogi, we are recruiting people outside our Mabi guild to join our town with us. If there is a guild function in this game, we encourage anyone that wants to be our friend to play with us! Also, by joining Capulet on Peria, you're automatically invited to all Mabinogi Capulet events, even if you don't want to officially join us on Mabi. 

More videos, MMO reviews, and information about Peria Chronicles will be featured on Peria's Corner until the day of its NA release! 
(which it HAS been confirmed for NA, and it's also a Nexon game!)

Capu Magu!
(Capulet Maguhzine!)

July 2017 Issue

Read through our magazine to find out upcoming events, announcements, and other random shtuffngh.





ToonTown Rewritten (private server)

Tales Runner 



DnD (table top, not the MMO)

Peria Chronicles (when its released)

All of the above games are 

organized through Discord (except Peria). If you want to play any game other than Mabinogi with us, you'll need to make a Discord account. You don't have to download the app if you don't want to (tho it's less glitchy). Once you've made an account ask Shaky to invite you!

Guild Minecraft Server

THE MINECRAFT SERVER IS NOW UP AND RUNNING! The IP is pinned in our guild Discord server! All you need is the IP to join, the server is port-forwarded! If you have questions, Tohren is hosting the server! :D 

Capu's Fellowship

Guilds in our fellowship are good friends of ours and are always welcome to our events. We also do the best we can to help them when help is needed, and vise versa. C:


Want your fan art featured?

Then submit it to our Capulet deviantART group!

Say cheese!

If you're hanging out with guildies then take some screenies and email them to [email protected] so your memories can be uploaded to our guild photo album!

The below guilds are allies that went inactive but are worth mentioning because they are remembered very fondly.