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""""SCHOOOOOOOL'S OUT! FOR! SUMMER! (Beach Party Time!)

Friday, June 27th at 5 pm pacific, 6 pm mountain, 7 pm central, 8 pm eastern, 2 am central EU

Meet up at ch3 Filia's beach that is south of the Fish Mark and closest to the "South Longa Desert" mana tunnel.

Party games will include:


Fireworks Show

Doki Doki Dance Off!

A Raffle! Click Here for Raffle Prize List!

Food Cart Races

A game of Mafia

Hide and Seek

^^^^^(you are not allowed to leave the beach but there are lots of palm trees and rocks to hide behind!)

A PvP Tourny!""""


PvP Tourny's Rules and Prizes: 

1. Everyone participating will be naked. Equipment view must be turned on. You are not allowed any equips, including accessories.

2. I will provide basic NPC bought weapons. You are not allowed to use your own weapons.

3. You may pick 1 of the following talents that you wish to use in the PvP tourny:

Close Combat




Lance Combat

Mercantile (pretty much you only use gold strike)

4. If you wish to do so, everyone is allowed to use Bard buffs in their second weapon tab. You will be given my Lutes to do so. You are not allowed to use your own instruments. You may use r5 song instead of my Lute if you want.

5. No Lullaby. No Dischord.

6. Guns, Puppets, and Fighter will not be allowed in this PvP tourny.

7. No Demigod, Pally, Dark Knight, Beast, Falcon, or Shamala transforming skill.

8. No pots, cloud summons, or mana shield.

9. No pets. 

10. No titles.

Prize list: 

1st place: 1 Credne Reforge Tool + 500k Check

2nd place: 1 Fine Reforge Tool + 300k Check

3rd place: 1 Red Up Stone + 1 Blue Up Stone + 100k Check

Participation Prize: Random Gems (star sapphie, topaz, etc, size is also random)


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