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1. Tarlach Fair staff recruiting will start in the next month. I want our guild to get a head start on joining the staff. Don't worry if you might not be avaliable on the fair date, just sign up for staff if you're interested and resign later if you have to.


This year the Tarlach Fair is going to be a full 24 hours long so EU players can participate and help staff and just have fun <3

so obviously we need a butt ton more staff.


The Tarlach Fair website can be visited to see what events will be hosted again. It's not updated for this fair, it still says everything from last February's fair. Most of the events on there will be done again this coming fair so you can just get a general idea of what events you might be able to help with:


To join the fair staff just send a note to Evaline saying something like "I am interested in joining fair staff, please note me when the meetings start" DO NOT add her as a friend or else her friend list will fill up too quickly. Just talk to her via notes.


I will also be posting all Tarlach Fair news on the guild website so keep checking it frequently (2 times a week should be enough) so you know if something comes up!




September 14th is our guild's 6th creation anniversary! To celebrate we'll be hosting a huge Birthday Masquerade Ball in the Rath Castle's 1st Floor Restaurant/Dining area~! There are alot of preparations to be done for this party!

And we will be the host of the party, the rest of the server will be our guests~


First off, we will need lots of food! (get ready to get fat, save ur rebirths for after the party ;D) If you ahve your cooking skill ranked, contact Pyu to get ingredients donated by the guild, if ur cooking is not ranked, gather ingredients to give to Pyu

just ask Pyu what ingredients may be needed so she can send you on collecting quests~~~


Second, if you wish to donate gold to contribute to buying prizes for the ball, send me a check in the mail (I'll keep the checks on a pet to keep it separate from my personal gold).

btw, money donated for guild events has to be given to me, guild donations put into the guild stone can never be taken out (there is a way but it's too difficult with our guild size) so that money is only used for saving up for a guild castle!


Third! To advertise our Masquerade to the server I ask you to put up parties in any channel that ur on that say "Masquerade 9-14" and answer any ppl that note you questions (I will soon update all Masquerade info onto the guild site so if you don't know the answer to a question you can look it up)


Also! I need to gather as many Siren masks to sell in my shop that will also say "Masquerade 9-14" (you're welcome to sell the masks in ur own shop and advertise the same thing as well, the guild is selling the masks at 15k)


To get the Siren masks:

1. fish up a Suspicious Fomor Pass

2. trade that to Aer on Ceo Island for a Siren Dungeon Pass to use at Rundal Dungeon Altar. You can run it solo on normal or bring a full party into hard mode. I encourage you to make guild runs out of this!

THE ONLY WAY to get Siren to drop her mask is to crit smash her. So I suggest fighting her barehanded so you do less damage and can get more smashes in so you have a better chance at one of them being a crit.


If you don't have enough time to do runs of the dungeon yourself, just mail me your suspicious fomor passes so I can do it myself, otherwise mail me your masks you find or sell them yourself! I will be using all profit from the masks to help fund the prizes for the ball.


Make sure to keep at least one of the Siren masks you find for yourself to wear to the ball! (unless you have some other kind of mask or sunglasses you'd rather wear). Our Masquerade will be similar to the Tara banquet but with more raffles, party games, contests, prizes, food, and a lot longer time wise!


Also if you want to prepare music scores or jam band arrangements please do so! <3


aaaaand that's all, any questions? :3


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