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Welcome to Capulet's 6th Birthday Masquerade Ball!

Our guild is celebrating the 6th year since we were created on 9/14/2008, and we want all of you to celebrate with us!

To do so we'll be hosting a fantastic Masquerade Ball for everyone and anyone to attend! The ball will be held on:

Sunday, September 14th @ 4 pm pacific, 5 pm mountain, 6 pm central, 7 pm eastern, and 1 am central EU

The location will be Channel 7 Rath Castle's 1st Floor (basement) Dining / Restaurant area (big room with a ton of tables next to Kitchen)

(if you ever ran Sulfur Spider it's the room that has the bazillion spiders that enter from north/south/west/east doors)

The Masquerade will be similar to the regular banquet, except we'll have more food, more raffles, party games, music, contests, prizes, a longer time period, and hopefully less afk-ers! xD

Also up until the date of the Masquerade we'll be having shops in ch7 selling Siren Masks at a ceaper price than what they're normally sold for. This is also a good time for you to use the Suspicious Fomor Passes you're fishing up to go rip Siren's mask off for yourself. ;O

(If you want to know how to get her to drop her mask, you have to land a crit smash on her before she dies, I suggest fighting with your bare hands unless your equipment/stats are so enhanced you're garuanteed a crit almost every time)

Now what party games will we be having, you might ask? Please keep reading:

1. We will have many RAFFLES throughout the whole party. All you have to do is show up and you'll be entered into a RGN counter. If you're afk when you win, I'll mail your prize to you after the party. 

Raffle prizes include: Rebis Guard Cylinder, Pan Balloon, Dance Party Kit, Aloha Shirt, Cute Princess Dress, Mana Needle Trustworthy Crystal Lightning Wand, Spiffy Transformation Kit, Del's Luey's Frilly Dress, Gothic Lolita Leather Suit, Cute Princess Dress, Party Ensemble, Untamed Spike Devil Slayer, Fixed Dye Set, Criminal's Ski Mask, and multiple Siren Masks.

2. Various music performers and jam band arrangements throughout the whole party. Feel free to bring whatever music you want to share!

3. A Game of Mafia

Mafia is a party game modelling a conflict between an informed minority (the mafia) and an uninformed majority (the innocents). At the start of the game each player is secretly assigned a role affiliated with one of these teams (Mafia roles may include mafia members, masterminds, hookers, etc. Innocent roles may include villager, police, doctor, etc). The game has two alternating phases: "night", during which the mafia may covertly "murder" an innocent, and "day", in which surviving players debate the identities of the mafiosi and vote to lynch a suspect. Play continues until all of the mafia has been killed off, or until all of the innocents have been killed off. 

4. Doki Dance Off (this contest will start after the game of Mafia ends)

Join Shakaya's party and dance with her in the Doki Doki Dance minigame. Only your score will be recorded, not Shakaya's or the combined score. Whoever gets the highest score will win a Violin and a Caravan Joe NPC transformation coin.


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