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Edit: This alliance-sponsorship has been removed.

Not enough Capulets were using the teamspeak3 server for us to continue the alliance.

For those of you that do wish to use teamspeak, though, I'll leave this post here so ya'll can go talk to the guys there and see about joining Peace Legion for the games that they do play. Just ask Shakaya for the teamspeak3 server information if you want to join Peace Legion~

I apologize for any member that prefers teamspeak over skype. You're just outnumbered. WAY outnumbered. Like no one was logging on. At all. Period. But our skype group is super spammy every day. o.e


Since we had Peace Legion merge their Mabinogi branch of their guild into Capulet, we were invited into their teamspeak3 server to play the many games they they have created Peace Legion on. Also, Peace Legion will be joining us under the name Capulet when Peria Chronicles comes out, so all of those guys will be known as Capulets on Mabinogi and Peria. Any other game you want to play with them we will be playing under the name Peace Legion. (they have a TON of games that they play, just join the teamspeak3 server to see all the rooms they have for the butt ton of games)

ANYWAYS. You probably wanna know how you can join the teamspeak3 server. Well I'm not gonna just post the server to the internet for any hobo and their mother to join, so contact me (Shakaya) in-game or on skype and I'll give you the teamspeak3 server info. <3


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