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First of all, the biggest thing that happened was the election of our new officer since GHOSTLYBARD left the guild. Guildmates and Shakaya had nominated 4 candidates to compete for officer. These candidates were Zardric, Queenpika, Pyu, and Yujimoto (Danish Lad). But when the candidates started talking to each other, they weren't very fond of being pitted against each other for the position. So, we came to the conclusion that all four of our candidates would become our new officers. 

How this will be done is all four of them will continuously preform the tasks that are given to them by Shakaya, but the actual officer crown will be rotated between the four of them alphabetically (by in game name) every Sunday. I hope that all of you members will respect all four of them equally as your officers. 

Next topic! C.E.T.F. (Capulet Expeditionary Task Force) is continuing to function as usual. It will host guild meetings every Saturday in the Guild Hall ch3 a half hour before the banquet starts. This is also an opportunity for members (C.E.T.F. or not) to voice their opinions, complaints, or ideas to benefit the guild. All information on C.E.T.F. is located on the guild home page. 

And lastly, THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT TOPIC OF THE MEETING. A problem has been arising within the guild lately, and that is social cliques. It is a big guild so people will naturally hang around the people they have known the longest most of the time. It's not a bad thing that you have close friends in the guild, keep those friendships strong. But only hanging around the members you already know leaves new members or members that aren't in a clique feeling left out. 

I want to encourage everyone to start reaching out to members you haven't met yet. Go to the guild list through your friend messenger and send a PM to someone you haven't talked to before or recently. If someone helps you, instead of just helping that person in return only, pay the favor forward and help another guild member that asks for it. Build more friendships and make it so the guild feels like a family to everyone

Also, don't save all the fun stuff for when I (Shakaya) am online. If someone wants to run the dailies, don't just say you're gonna wait for me to get online, go ahead and run it with them. I will gladly do any type of run with anyone anytime, and I try to be active every day, but don't specifically put someone else's request on hold just to wait for me to log on! I don't even need to run them for my own benefit, I have 8k unused AP stored up, I only run dailies and etc. because I like doing things with you guys. But don't postpone helping other guildies yourselves just to wait for me to log on and join you guys! You can take me to whatever next thing ya'll are doing! So please, be active with each other! <3

2017 Edit: C.E.T.F. is no longer a function, we have moved to using a separate Discord server from our main guild Discord server for raids and more advanced runs. It's a separate server from our main guild discord server because the Capu Girg Group is not guild exclusive, anyone that is friends with a Capulet member is welcome to join us. This lets us have a larger amount of players that are high enough levels to complete raids together successfully!

Also, while Yujimoto and Pyu are still officers, Queenpika and Zardric have been replaced by milkypocky and Gleem. We're also looking to create more interactive Guild Council positions this year. Look forward to a 1/1/2017 Guild Meeting post to read soon!


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