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@Saturday, Jan. 9th

@2pm pacific, 3pm mountain, 4pm central, 5pm eastern, 11 pm central EU

@Bard Camp (Abb Neagh). Channel 5.


Ramzahail20 is looking for a husband! Anyone with a single male character, or that is willing to rebirth to a male character and stay as such, is welcome to compete for Ramzy's hand in marriage! It will be a PvP tournament to decide the winner of Ramzy's love, and also 5 fine reforging tools! (you only get the reforge tools if you marry Ramzy after winning).


The rules of the tournament are as follows:


1. All duels will be at 1%


2. All weapons will be provided by Shakaya, players are not allowed to wear any items of their own unless they are at 0 durability or are in the style tab, equipment view must be turned on. Please return the equipment to Shaky after your battle has ended.

3. You may pick only one of the following talents that you wish to use in the PvP tourny:

Close Combat (gold strike not allowed, you will be given a sword and shield)

Mercantile (allowed gold strike with close combat skills, but no weapons allowed)




Lance Combat (is also allowed all close combat skills except for regular counter and charge; since those have lance versions.)


Any other talent is not allowed. You can only use skills in that talent's tab.


4. If you wish to do so, everyone is allowed to use Bard buffs in their second weapon tab. You will be given my Lutes to do so. You are not allowed to use your own instruments. You may use r5 song instead of my Lute if you want.


5. No Lullaby, Dischord, Demigod, Pally/DK/Beast/Falcon, Transformation-Mastery, Personas, Crusader skills, Beserk, Final Hit, Life Drain, Frozen Blast, Pots, Clouds, Pets, Mana Shield, Titles


6. Any skills that are considered "spammy" (ice bolt, arrow revolver, bash, etc. are allowed 5 strikes and then you must switch to a different skill and carry that skill out before using the spammy skill again.


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