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Come have fun wasting time with us! This will be a mini-festival in Tir Chonaill Square channel 7 with a few contests, prizes, and fun to be had! Anyone that plays on the Tarlach server is welcome!


The festivities will start at 5 pm in the pacific time zone!

(6 pm mountain, 7 pm central, 8 pm eastern, 2 am central europe)

On Saturday, February 20th, 2016!


Each contest does not have a specific time slot, they will just go in the order listed below and the next one will start when the previous one is finished!


The first event is a Paper Airplane Throwing Contest!


Everyone gets to throw 1 piece of paper with the Paper Airplane Throwing action. The person that throws their airplane the furthest gets a prize of 500k! If there happens to be a tie then both the winners get 500k each! o3o


The second event is a Pet PvP Contest!

Anyone that shows up and would like to participate will be entered into a sports bracket. Each contestant will summon a pet and have a pet duel with their competitor. The one to win the entire bracket will win a pet medal containing a Battle Pegasus! This contest is for pets only, no partners.


The third event is a Cooking Contest!


The cooking contest will be played as such: Gleem will be thinking of a food she wants to eat and will give clues for what it is. You will have to guess what the food is and cook it. The person that makes a food that is closest to what Gleem is thinking about will win that round! If two people make the same dish and are closest to what Gleem is thinking, then whoever has a higher star dish will win. If it's the same star rank then you both get a point.


The winner of the cooking contest will win a sketch of whoever they want to request from Pyu!

The sketch will be limited to one character, it could be a mabi character or any character from any show that you'd like to see drawn, etc!

If you would like to see art from Pyu you may check out Pyu's deviantART here: 

And also Pyu's tumblr here for Pyu's most recent art:


After the cooking contest ends we will have campfires to camp share the food that was made, and any food anyone else wants to share, and all get fat together! (If you make food but don't want to get fat you can just trade your dishes to me, Shakaya, to share. I love getting fat.) We also encourage everyone to bring music jams and solos to share at this time and just enjoy each others' time and meeting new people!


The fourth event is Find The Loli!

This will be a hide and seek event where milkypocky will be hiding somewhere on the Tir Chonaill map, and will bugle hints to where she is at. The first person to guess where she is and find her will win a bust drawing of one character in color from milkypocky! Again it could be a mabi character or any character from any show that you'd like to see drawn, etc~

If you would like to see examples of milkypocky's art you may check out her deviantART here:


After the hide and seek event is over we'll encourage everyone to head into Alby Arena to have a good time in there together until the party dies off and everyone goes nini.


You will most likely have to miss the Tara Banquet if you want to participate in all of these events.


Also, the Fabulet Festival is also a recruitment drive for the Capulet guild. Now, you don't have to be looking for a guild to come and compete. Anyone is welcome to enter and win whether you join us or not! But! If you are by chance looking for a guild, come to our festivities, mingle and decide you enjoy our company, and we think the same of you, then you may apply to our guild without having to find any referrals to enter! We will still arrange the interview for either the following day or whenever you're next available before we accept, but the 2 referral rule will be cut if you decide to join us during this party!


If you do happen to have an interest to join simply send a note to myself, Shakaya, and I'll get back to you when the party is over! I will add you as a friend before you're interviewed so make sure you have room on your list for me to do so! You are also welcome to note me just to ask for more information about the guild. If you come to the party and haven't decided to join us, ask for information, and ask to join a few days or even a week or two later, you still won't have to get referrals. If you showed up to the party and were social with us, we'll remember who you are. C:


If you want to see more information about the guild in general please see our recruitment thread:


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