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Alright! So first on the Guild Meeting's Agenda that we talked about was RECRUITMENT! For the past few months I've had recruitment completely closed off because I was going through a lot IRL, and that did some damage to our guild, and I'm sorry about that. BUT WE'LL FIX IT! I am now going to have recruitment open, and it will STAY open (unless something super unexpected happens). We will have a recruitment advertisement posted to Nexon Mabinogi Forums and Mabi Nation soon, and I'll post the link to those in Discord so you guys can go support it! I'll also be holding up recruitment advertisements everywhere I go, and if you guys see any guildless people about try to make friends! :D 



Our application system will not have any changes made to it, as I believe it is the best system for getting new members involved and staying involved. Fewer applicants leave the guild shortly after joining or quit the game shortly after joining when they have to actually put some effort into getting into the guild in the first place. So the mingling, 2 referrals, and interview system will stay the same!



Also! One thing I'd like to bring back is our RECRUITMENT PARADES! We used to set up a horse train and walk all the way from Tir Square, through ch7 Dunby, and end at the guild stone, and I had a lot of fun with those! I'd like to do these about once or twice a week for the month of January, and then after this month we'll just do them every 2 weeks or something like that. I also want to improve on them as well! One idea I had was that I could use enthralling performance so that the parade has music! If anyone else has that skill ranked we could take turns doing that!



The next topic that was discussed was ways to get our current members interested in the Mabi part of our guild again. We all still frequently talk to each other on Discord, everyone is still in touch, but a lot of our veterans have grown uninterested in Mabi due to a lack of things to do - or they had a break that was so long they don't even know where to start for stuff to do with all the changes that have been made. The biggest thing that was suggested was more Daily Guild Runs, and different types of other events done more frequently. The events will take longer to plan out (though I already have one I'll talk about later in this post), but I can promise to start hosting guild runs twice a day every single day. The first time will be around noon-ish or however early possible as soon as enough guildies have woken up and logged on. The second time will be in the evening around 7~9 pm-ish (Est.) I'd also like to have PRODUCTION PARTIES ALL DAY EVERY MONDAY!



Of course, I can't do all of the above all by myself, which brings me to the next topic of conversation on our meeting's agenda: and that's our Guild Council. I will be recruiting new council members to help me host guild runs (if you can do them almost every day or every other day that'd be great if you're joining the council for that), recruit new members, build events, etc. If you want to have a special role in the guild and have the time to do extra work message me about it and we'll get you a task that you feel comfortable with performing!



I'd also like to let you all know that we now have a second Discord Server just for Girgashiy and other types of Raids (dragons, etc.). This server is NOT GUILD-EXCLUSIVE, but it is by invitation-only. Anyone that joins the server has to be friends with a Capulet member, and has to have been introduced to Shakaya in-game before being sent an invitation. We will soon be setting up a Raid Schedule and any information regarding that will be pinned in the Capu Girg Group discord server, so make sure to check the pinned messages over there if you're apart of that group!



I'd also like to announce that we are going to be starting a brand new Dungeons and Dragons game this year! Anyone that was in the previous campaign is welcome to stay and join the new one, and ALL NEW MEMBERS ARE WELCOME TO JOIN THE NEW CAMPAIGN - so long as you do so during our character creation process and not once the game actually starts (but don't worry, the character creation process will last for quite a bit so you have plenty of time to join in). We do not have a launch date for the campaign set yet, so if you're interested in getting more information about our DnD games just message me privately and I'll let you know all the up to date info!


*Discord is required for anyone that joins the Dungeons and Dragons game. We have a separate DnD server that you must join.



Now! Next thing to talk about is the CAPULET BAND!!! Starting this coming Saturday, Every Sat. in January will have band activities! The first 3 Sats we will be having rehearsals, and the 4th Sat we will have a performance that I'll be inviting the whole server to! If you are interested in joining the band, just show up to the rehearsals! Bring jams or things that might be fun to freestyle with you! Keep in mind that since we're preparing a performance, if we do any freestyle we will be perfecting each person's entrance into the song. I think it would be best to use the old jam system so that everyone starts at the same time (also I make grade C scores while having r1 composing so the jams I make won't be too difficult to get perfect plays on), but if anyone has a song that would sound neat with each person entering slowly, we can practice that!


The band rehearsals and performance dates, times, and locations are posted on the main page of the guild website!


Also, the future of the band will be decided later during rehearsals. So if this is something you guys want to do like every other month, a few times a year, making scheduled jam session times for when we aren't preparing for concerts, and etc. will be discussed during the band's first rehearsal!


We also would like to work on our guild MML Bank page some more, as well! If you have any MML codes to contribute please send them to the guild's email: [email protected]



And lastly, here is a list of miscellaneous suggestions made at the meeting that have been noticed and are being considered:


Suggestions text channel being added to main guild Discord server


Guild Quest Board / Bulletin Board being created for the main guild Discord server


Bring back Jousting and Fashion and etc.


Improving the Guild Council and giving Council Members proper roles in the main guild Discord server


More guild runs and Eye of the Storm events!



If anyone has any more suggestions to make please message me privately OR reply to this forum post!!! <3


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