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Capulet, in the past, has always had a heavy focus on the social aspects of the game, hosting things like the Tarlach Fair, various guild parties (for holidays or no reason at all), parades, alliance activities, etc. Lately, though, with the current state of the Tarlach server being more dead than it's ever been in the past, it's been hard to keep that social focus. Not only are the majority of the people on the server losing interest in Mabi, but so is a lot of guild members, and there isn't really much of a server community anymore to recruit new members. Lately, I never see a new character that isn't someone's alt. So, for the time being, I'd like to shift our guild's focus. 

At the Mabi Campfire event, we recently found out that the Nexon team is finally taking the suggestions of a server merge seriously. It's not in development yet, but they promised to our faces that they would work on it, so we can count on having a better server community in the future. Once we're merged, I'd love for Capulet to return to having a large social focus and recruiting again, but until that merge happens, I want us to instead focus on being more of a combat-oriented guild. 

I know our raid group has suffered activity lately, which is mainly because lightwater is without a gaming PC for the second time now, and I apologize for not hosting raids in his place but it's really hard to do raids without him. He's not our only good blade, but he's the best blade that has consistant attendance. I don't expect perfect attendance from the group, we're casual raiders, but the point being is without lightwater we'll have more failed raids than successes. 

BUT! Once lightwater's computer is back and fixed we'll be returning to our raid groups and getting a proper schedule again! I also don't want to only do Girgashiy raids. I'd love for us to do more of the Avalon field raids, Zebach, and Hasidim too! More information on that organization will be released in our Raid Discord Server, so keep an eye there! And if you're a guildie/ally that hasn't joined that server yet, then just ask me to send you an invite! Even if you haven't completed g19 you can still come to the field raids, so come join us! 

I also plan to start hosting daily shadow mission runs (when the daily mission is worth doing), and will collect lord passes so we can do guild lord runs as often as possible. Doing more AAHM, Memento, and Alban Knights Training Grounds runs is also a goal I have for us. It may be a little slow at first, and we may need help from our allies to make these runs successful, but I hope that once we have a habit of running things together more frequently that the current hibernating guildies will trickle their way back into activity again. 

I also want to announce officially that guild recruitment is currently closed. I want to focus on re-building a strong, active community before we consider recruiting new members. I don't know when recruitment will be opened back up, it may be after the server-merge, or it may be sooner if I see our guild coming back alive before the merge. But we need to get to a point where we're not relying on allies to make a "guild run" successful before we recruit again. (Not that we don't like spending time with you lovely allies, I love you, we want to continue spending time with you, but we also need to be stronk without you). 

Anyways, that's the update I have for you all! I hope to see more of you online again soon! I do understand that some of you guildies have grown out of Mabi, though I do hope you still stay in our guild Discord server and keep saying hi when you're able to! It's always nice to catch up with old friends, even if you're not going to play anymore! And for those of you that haven't completely given up on Mabi yet: I hope to see you soon! <3 

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LONG LIVE CAPULET (wish I could say the same thing about my laptop).
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May the light shine upon you all and we reconvine as one.

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