Capulet offers both Forum Roleplaying and Dungeons and Dragons sessions over skype. The website for the forum RP is: 
Our in-game role play has been cancelled due to a lack of interest. 

Friday Nights are our Dungeons and Dragons sessions! You'll need Discord!

These sessions start at 6 pm pacific, 7 pm mountain, 8 pm central, 9 pm eastern, 3 am central EU

We will be using Pathfinder and an online dice simulator! Our sessions will launch on 8/26/2016, and more info. on all that we'll be doing will be posted here when we have more info! Feel free to join our sessions now before the plot starts to help be apart of it's creation and to get help creating your characters!

We have a Discord server for our Dungeons and Dragons sessions (one that is separate from the usual guild Discord server). You are not required to voice chat if you want to be mute, you can simply type responses to us in the Discord server, and we'll respond in voice. We have quite a few members that are text only in our Discord so you wouldn't be alone!

The Kingdom of Capulet Role Play! Put the video in full screen and 1080p HD to read the text properly!

While the Kingdom of Capulet role play was cancelled, if the story interests you, Shakaya uses it as backstory for her OC writing of Shakaya. If you want to keep up with this continuation of that role play, follow her tumblr! While the tumblr is used for other OCs and other Mabinogi related stuff as well, you'll be able to read all of her posts about the adventure of your Goddess and Savior! (I also made my maids/butlers into OCs)

Click on any name below to see their character backgrounds.
(These are characters for the cancelled in-game Capulet role play)

Although the in-game role play has been cancelled, the characters' profiles will still be linked

 below as our members have put in a lot of effort to make them! Enjoy!