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September 2018 Issue!

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ToonTown Rewritten (private server)





DnD (table top, not the MMO)

All of the above games are 

organized through Discord only (except Mabinogi). If you want to play any game other than Peria or Mabinogi with us, you'll need to make a Discord account. You don't have to download the app if you don't want to (tho it's less glitchy). Once you've made an account ask Shaky to invite you!

Say cheese!

If you're hanging out with guildies then take some screenies and email them to [email protected] so your memories can be uploaded to our guild photo album!

Want your fan art featured?

Then submit it to our Capulet deviantART group!

Welcome to Peria's Corner!

First Peria Chronicles GUILD EVENT ever!!!!!

Draw town layouts for how we want to build Verona and send your drawings to Shakaya either through a Discord PM or send them to her email, [email protected]

Don't worry about what is actually possible, because we'll most likely have to make changes to the winning layout anyways to make it adaptable to the game, so just have fun and be creative with the town! The only limitation you have is that it has to be a sky island! Our Kingdom of Verona will be on floating Islands in the sky! 

Once the release date of Peria Chronicles NA is out we'll begin voting on which city layout everyone wants to use! Then once the game is out Shakaya will lead us all through building the Kingdom that you all voted on! 


Capulet will be joining the game Peria Chronicles by Nexon once it is translated and brought over to Nexon NA! On this page you will find guild events and functions that will happen within the Peria Chronicles MMO! Please look into this game more and see if you want to join us when we go to create Capulet over there!

Project NT? (Peria Chronicles Online)

Nexon is developing a new game overseas called Project NT (Peria Chronicles Online). I'm really excited to play this and plan on making a branch of our guild in it. As you can see, at the top of the site there is a page called Peria's Corner, which is a page that will be devoted to all our information about our actions inside Peria Chronicles.

Unlike our guild in Mabinogi, our Peria branch will not focus on social events and gathering. We will be more focused on creating our own town of Verona, and protecting it from griefers. The way the game looks, it seems to be a mix of pokemon and minecraft but with adorable anime graphics. Hopefully there will be in-game systems to prevent trolls from destroying things, but we'll never know until we try the game. 

Because our guild functions will be extremely different than our life in Mabinogi, we are recruiting people outside our Mabi guild to join our town with us. If there is a guild function in this game, we encourage anyone that wants to be our friend to play with us! Also, by joining Capulet on Peria, you're automatically invited to all Mabinogi Capulet events, even if you don't want to officially join us on Mabi. 

In any case, here's videos and links to articles on Peria Chronicles so you guys can decide if you want to join me on it!

Friday Nights are our Dungeons and Dragons sessions over Skype!

We start at 6pm pacific, 7pm mountain, 8pm central, 9pm eastern, 3am central EU. Send a Skype PM to Shakaya to be added to the call group! You have to be able to voice chat with us to participate. We use online dice simulators and pathfinder character sheets!

Saturday Nights are GUILD PARTY NIGHTS! 

First we will attend the (Mabinogi) Tara Banquet in Channel 5, then when that ends we will log on skype and start a call in our Karaoke group! (You are not required to sing or voice chat at all, you can listen in and reply in text if you want!) 

The Karaoke call will start at: 

8pm pacific, 9pm mountain, 10pm central, 11pm eastern, 5am central EU

We'll start out with Karaoke then when everyone is sick of singing we'll play some board games together! (board game online, cards against humanity -pretend you're xzzy-, town of salem, epic mafia, and etc.) 

To join the party night, after the banquet, send a skype PM to Shakaya or to 

Danish Lad (Yujimoto / Nataraja), and then we will add you to the group!

Get ready for it~!!!!!

Board Game Online:

Epic Mafia:

Cards Against Humanity:

Town of Salem: